Hacktoberfest 2020 - Open source for beginners

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open-source software. Maintainers are invited to guide would-be contributors towards issues that will help move the project forward, and contributors get the opportunity to give back to both projects they like and others they've just discovered.

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About this event

  • Welcoming everyone: Welcoming everyone on board, setting up expectations for the event, and starting off with introductions.
  • Introduction to Hacktoberfest: A 2-4 minute introduction to Hacktoberfest and what are the important pointers that make this event important.
  • Introduction to Open source and its importance: 5-10 minutes on what is open source and why is it important in the world of technology.
  • Contributing to open source: A 10-minute brief introduction to Git version control and GitHub. And how to use these to contribute to open source.
  • Creating a pull request: A 10-minute demo on how to create a pull request for students who are new to the open-source world.
  • Next steps to becoming an open source contributor: A discussion on how open source contributors grow and how to move forward with contributing to meaningful open source softwares.
  • Interactive session with everyone working on and sharing what they learned so far: An interactive session for around 10 minutes where all the participants can ask and answer each other’s doubts and can discuss what all they have learned in this event.

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