Hacking UI/UX Design

A session on understanding UI and UX, the difference between them, and how to get started for the same.

About this event

Welcoming everyone - Introduction of the speaker and the outline of the event to be discussed in brief.
QnA interaction - Participants would be asked basic interesting questions about UI. This will be followed by describing the importance of UI design in life.
UI Design - In-depth discussion about UI design, what are its elements, different tools.
UX Design - Here, all things would go around the UX part, and tell its importance and how it's different from UI Design.
How to get started in UI/UX - Few basic tips to get started, different process.
Doubt Session - Participants will be able to ask their queries and doubts from the speaker.


Saturday, May 22
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (IST)