Google Cloud Computing Foundations - 1

Join us as we unlock the incredible potential of Google Cloud's amazing tools. Come and have fun exploring the world of Google Cloud with us. In this session, we'll dive through the Create and Manage Cloud Resources, Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks in Google Cloud and Google Cloud Computing Foundations: Infrastructure in Google Cloud in the Google Cloud Computing Foundations pathway.

About this event

Experience the future of tech at the GDSC-MVGR Google Cloud Jam Session! 

Join us for an enriching journey into Google Cloud Platform's boundless potential, starting from the foundations of cloud essentials and extending into its infrastructure. Engage in hands-on workshops to apply your newfound knowledge and brace yourself for intriguing surprises. Connect with fellow tech enthusiasts. Elevate your skills and open up new possibilities with us at this not-to-be-missed event! This session offers a comprehensive exploration of Google cloud platform, covering cloud fundamentals, its infrastructure and advanced services. Don't miss this opportunity to grow with us!