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Greetings from GDSC MMMUT! 🌸

🤩 As a prequel to the new session of GDSC MMMUT. We are back this year with an exhilarating 2 months long Bootcamp in collaboration with Polkadot India & Hack2skill presenting an exciting opportunity to start your journey in the field of Blockchain and the buzz of Cryptos, NFTs, etc.

So get ready to learn all about Substrate, Rust, and more from the top industry experts and tech leaders of globally successful projects. The workshops will cover everything related to the topic from scratch, including live coding sessions and one-on-one mentoring.

📅 13th August | ⏰ 4:00 PM

🎁 Chance to win Polkadot India Goodies.

💼 Sit for the placement drive by a pool of blockchain companies at the end of the program.


• 6 interactive training sessions with study material.

• Curriculum in sync with global substrate standards set by Parity & Web3 Foundation.

• Weekly hands-on activities with one-on-one mentoring & live coding sessions.

• Guest workshops of globally successful projects – Astar Network, Unique Network and Polkadex.


• Exciting goodies for participants after each session.

• Certificate of completion.

• On successful completion, participants will also have the opportunity to intern or get placed with recruitment partners.

Registration link & more details:

Date & Time: 13th August 2022 | 4:00 PM


• The Bootcamp is free for all students.

• Candidates are advised to watch 3 recorded modules for better understanding.


  • Bhaskar Trivedi

    Bhaskar Trivedi

    Google Developer Student Clubs - Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur

    GDSC Lead

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  • Aman Poddar

    Aman Poddar

    Google Developer Student Clubs - Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology

    Technical & Web Development Lead

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  • Abhay Nandan Singh

    Abhay Nandan Singh

    Google Developer Student Clubs - Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology

    Creative & Graphics Lead

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  • Archana Chaurasiya

    Archana Chaurasiya

    MMMUT gorakhpur

    Content Lead

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  • Himanshu Gupta

    Himanshu Gupta

    Android Lead

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  • Disha Gupta

    Disha Gupta

    Mentor - Android

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  • Harsh Jha

    Harsh Jha

    Operations Lead

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  • Atulya Vaibhav Pandey

    Atulya Vaibhav Pandey


    Marketing and Sponsorship

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  • Aryan Singh

    Aryan Singh

    Google Developer Student Club MMMUT - Gorakhpur

    Management & Sponsorship Lead

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