Changing landscape of AI with Large Language Models

Fundamental ideas of the building blocks behind #LLM Innovations that have enabled #transformer-based #LLM LLM is able to solve various language tasks A Brief Overview of OpenAI API

Oct 19, 2023, 6:00 – 7:00 AM



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About this event

With the advent of ChatGPT large language models are the talk of the town. These models are changing the very foundations of our interactions with computers and computers' ability to process text. This talk will introduce you to fundamental ideas of the building blocks behind large language models while examining key innovations that have enabled transformer-based large language models, and how they are able to solve various language tasks. A brief overview of OpenAI API will also be provided.


  • Arjumand Younus

    University College Dublin

    Asistant Professor


  • Ambreen Hanif

    GDSC Lead

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