Using Psychology in Business: Dr. Nancy Zare, CEO, Rapport Builderz

About this event

Join us on Wednesday, May 19 at 5 p.m. via Zoom as part of the LSE X Case Western Reserve University Entrepreneurship Series for a Roundtable Discussion with Dr. Nancy Zare, CEO and Founder, Rapport Builderz. She will discuss her passion for using psychology to boost sales.

A psychologist and strategist, Dr. Nancy Zare works with entrepreneurs who feel awkward in starting sales conversations, following up, handling questions and objections, and asking to get hired. She helps them feel comfortable and poised, sell with confidence, and get new business.

Rapport Builderz offers a unique solution to develop relationships quickly and authentically that leads to new business. The mission of Rapport Builderz is to enhance communication between service professionals and their clientele that results in easier client acquisition, better customer service, and positive relationships.