Tear Up a Start-up: Come Challenge Jack Hughes, Co-Founder of Syncify

About this event

Join us to challenge Jack Hughes, the co-founder of Syncify, on his start up creation and journey as an entrepreneur.

Nothing is off limits: ask questions on Jack’s background, the viability of yet another podcast app or even breaking into a competitive startup accelerator. An invaluable event for students with startup ideas that they want to turn into a reality!

Tear Up a Start-Up is the first event in a series aiming to spice up the dynamic of standard “Zoom events”. Match Jack’s energy and exuberance. Amazon vouchers are on offer for the best questions and comments so really get inventive with what you want to learn from their first hand experiences.

The event will consist of a short introduction from Jack but is really a social experience, with the majority of time being allocated to open conversation! Come along to learn about an upcoming podcast competition we’ll be running later in the year in partnership with Syncify as well.


A member of Techstars 2020, a leading startup accelerator, Syncify acquired the competition early on in their venture and have come to build a close-knit team all living and working together in new locations from month to month - a truly nomadic startup!

They strive to bring the ‘social’ back into ‘social media’ developing a unique application that allows users to comment, share and listen to podcasts asynchronously or in real time with friends, students and users from around the world. Sharing experiences is at the forefront of their business and they aim to revolutionise our means of digital media consumption.