Ongoing: Coding Marathon - 10 Day Competitive Coding Challenge

About this event

LSE Google DSC, in collaboration with PrepBytes, is hosting a 10-day competitive coding contest. Top 5 winners will receive paid internship offers and recognition certificates from PrepBytes and other prizes are available. The allowed languages are C/C++/Java/Python and registration for the event is free of charge. 

The event will start on 13th February at 6 pm (GMT) and end on 23rd February 2021.


1. Please refrain from discussing strategy during the contest.

2. All submissions will run through a plagiarism detector before deciding the winners. Any case of code plagiarism will disqualify both users from the contest & their scores would be set to null for the particular contest.

3. Do not share your code during the contest.

4. PrepBytes team will decide final winners after the contest & final leaderboard would be adjusted accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who can participate in the contest?

Anyone willing to practice competitive coding can participate

Do I need to register before the contest?

Yes, You need to register before participating in the contest.

Do I need to pay to participate in the contest?

No, you don’t need to pay to participate in the contest.

How does the ranking work in the contest?

One with more correct submissions in less amount of time will be ranked higher.

Do I have to solve the contest problems in a particular order?

No, you can solve questions in any order of your choice.

What are the allowed languages in the contest?

Allowed languages are C/C++/Java/Python.

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