On Deck: Start a Start-Up, Together.

London School of Economics and Political Science
May 4 - Jun 24, 2021, 6:00 PM (BST)

About this event

Find a career path programme: https://www.beondeck.com/catalyst/apply

Build a Tech Startup: https://www.beondeck.com/founders

Build the foundation for your future

Taking an unconventional path comes with unique challenges. Not sure if you should start a company or transition to a new role? Learn how top founders, investors and operators made crucial decisions and prioritized opportunities as they began their professional journey during interactive workshops, office hours and live Q&As.

Meet other future leaders when they’re just starting out

The most valuable connections are the people who come up in the industry with you. Connect with future hires, investors, collaborators and co-founders through group socials, fun events and intimate mastermind groups. You'll develop deep relationships with talented peers from around the world that will last far beyond 10 weeks.

Get initial traction and accelerate your progress

Growing a company is hard work, and best done with curated support. Tap into the On Deck community for knowledge, to hire your initial team, get early customers or raise your first round.