FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific X JPM - Digital Client Management

About this event

During the sessions, the startups will share their technology solutions that address key topics in financial services, including supporting digital currencies, managing ESG standards and risks, improving client engagement and growing wealth management and insurance services in Asia Pacific.

Perx Technologies is a category-creating Lifestyle Marketing SaaS Platform helping brands transform from transient, transactional businesses to delivering continuous and meaningful engagements and experiences in the mobile-first economy. Powering enterprises and digital natives, Perx enables brands to monetise on customer actions by creating personalised, last-mile interactive digital experiences that generate revenue. 

Founded in 2017, Asiabots focuses on developing various artificial intelligence creative solutions, including Volcebot, A.I. Ambassador and Chatbot, using our self-developed Natural Language Processing, Text-to-Speech Engine and Automatic Speech Recognition engines. Asiabots' solution could help enhance work efficiency, CS quality and reduce management cost

IPification is building the backbone for mobile authentication of today and tomorrow. By verifying the device, SIM & phone number via IP address, IPification patented technology is enabling secure, passwordless, zero-tap compatible mobile user authentication, registration, transaction approval and fraud prevention solutions for any mobile application.