Entering The Blockchain Era: A Panel with Nickel Digital, Trail of Bits and Dfns

Join us for a virtual panel event with Anatoly Crachilov, Clarisse Hagège, and Dan Guido to talk about outlooks for digital assets and cryptocurrency in 2022, in particular: the institutional interest in crypto assets and opportunities for growth, the state of cryptocurrency regulation in the UK and Europe, and the technological and security obstacles to further institutional adoption.

Jan 20, 2022, 6:00 – 7:15 PM



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Anatoly Crachilov is an investment professional with 26 years of experience in investment management and private equity. Prior to co-founding Nickel Digital in 2019, Anatoly worked for seven years as the Exectuive Director in investment management divisions of Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan dealing with asset allocation and portfolio construction. Nickel Digital Asset Management is Europe’s largest regulated and award-winning digital assets hedge fund, with a mission to build a bridge between traditional finance and the digital assets market. Nickel’s flagship Digital Assets Arbitrage Fund has received two top industry awards by HFM, a 2021 European Quant Performance Award and 2020 EuroHedge Emerging Manager Award in Specialist category for superior risk-adjusted returns.

Clarisse Hagège is the Founder and CEO of Dfns, which offers a safe, cloud-native developer tool that gives banks, investors, and companies the freedom to enter crypto markets on a battle-designed security infrastructure. Prior to creating Dfns, Clarisse worked 10 years as a an Investment Banker for CA-CIB, BAML & Goldman Sachs in New York and Paris. She did mostly Coverage Banking, Trade Finance, was Chief of Staff for several years, and founded a fintech startup called Fairpay as a side-project, rewarding local, organic & fair-trade food buyers. Clarisse is also a Custody Working Group Contributor at Global Digital Finance, an industry membership body that promotes the adoption of best practices for cryptoassets and digital finance technologies.

Dan Guido is the Co-Founder and CEO of Trail of Bits, a software security research and development firm specializing in blockchain software and cryptography. In his tenure leading Trail of Bits, he built an industry-leading blockchain security practice, and refined open-source tools for the endpoint security market. In addition to his work at Trail of Bits, Dan serves as a director at hack/secure, an investment syndicate focused on seed stage cybersecurity firms. He’s active on the boards of four early stage technology companies. Dan also contributes to cybersecurity policy papers from RAND, CNAS, and Harvard.


  • Anatoly Crachilov

    Nickel Digital Asset Management

    Founding Partner & CEO

  • Clarisse Hagège


    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Dan Guido

    Trail of Bits

    Co-Founder & CEO


  • Daniel Seymour

    GDSC Lead

  • Josh Ang

    Head of Technical Events

  • Jacob Schwandt

    Head of Digital Boost Challenge

  • Isabel Mora

    Head of Technical Events

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