Conversation with Nicole Quinn, Partner at Lightspeed Venture

About this event

Nicole is a Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, focused on early stage Consumer internet and FinTech companies, having invested in companies such as Calm, Cameo, Lunchclub, and Haus Laboratories. Nicole invests in generational change companies who are building brands and quickly becoming part of popular culture.

Prior to joining Lightspeed, she spent nearly a decade at Morgan Stanley covering the European and US e-commerce, retail and consumer companies. She also angel invested in healthcare and consumer companies over those years and then went to Nutmeg, a London based FinTech company.

She holds a degree in math and economics from the University of York, England and an MBA from Stanford.

"I don't want to just invest in the bubble of Silicon Valley. I want to listen to the core customer, and keep my eyes and ears open to new ideas"

About Lightspeed Venture Partners:

Lightspeed Venture Partners was founded in 2000, and is an American venture capital firms focusing on early-stage investments in the enterprise technology and consumer space. To date, the company has backed over 300 companies, including Snapchat, Calm, and DoubleClick, and has over 4 billion in assets under management.

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