Building a Sustainable Investment Strategy using AI - LSE DSC x LSESU Trading Society x Unanimous AI

About this event

Join us to build a sustainable investment strategy in collaboration with Unanimous AI, a Californian startup focused on dramatically improving decision-making and forecasting using their industry-leading software. Gregg Wilcox, Unanimous AI’s Director of R&D, will be attending to explain how he worked alongside CEO Louis Rosenberg to create the company’s technology, highlight real-world case studies and answer any questions that you may have for him. The technology has been used by leading firms and organisations such as Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Boeing and even the U.S Navy!

We will be using Swarm’s artificial intelligence based technology to help us collaboratively build a sustainable investment strategy, with the A.I backend taking into account the certainty and conviction of each individual attendee to come to a comprehensive and extremely representative conclusion. A study at MIT revealed that financial teams using Swarm technology were 33% more accurate than individual traders when predicting the future performance of equities.

Note that no prior experience in the field of A.I is required and the event is open to all who are keen to learn more about this technology in financial markets and decision making!

We will be analysing 5 companies in the sustainability space:

- Nio

- NextEra Energy

- Appharvest

- Beyond Meat

- TPI Composites

We request attendees to do some light research on them and formulate a basic opinion before the event in order to make the results as accurate as possible!