You are a Project Manager

About this event

Now is the best time to work on yourself and learn new skills💪🏻.

Join us in 9-days series and learn 9 different skills in today's in-demand fields. Every day from Sunday, April 17th to Sunday, April 24th, we are having a 60 minutes session where you'll be updated and do hands-on practice with us🤩. From Frontend development using React and Angular to discussion about Web 3 to a talk about DevOps, you'll be amazed with all the knowledge you'll gain in just 9 days.😍

Learn what Project Management is all about by exploring:

▫️The project life cycle

▫️How to develop a project documentation

▫️How to deal with your team and the project stakeholders

▫️Discover the different project management methodologies and learn what meets your needs?

Join us in this session with Elie Hannouch