Byte Of Everything

Lebanese University - Faculty of Sciences 3, Tripoli - Kousba Road, Koura, 1234567

Unleash your tech passion at Byte of Everything! From cyber warfare to AI marvels, success tales to data analytics, it's a high-octane day at LU University FS3 (Dahr El Ein). Grab your laptops and dive into the future from 8 AM onwards. Get ready to be inspired, and connected like never before! #ByteOfEverything 🔥💻✨

Mar 9, 6:00 AM – 2:30 PM



Key Themes

AR / VRDevFest on CampusExplore MLGeminiKaggleOpen SourceTensorFlow / KerasUI / UXWeb

About this event

Get ready for a thrilling tech extravaganza at Byte of Everything! Brace yourself for a day of mind-blowing insights and cutting-edge discussions on cyber warfare, AI wonders, incredible success stories, and the magic of data analytics. LU University FS3 (Dahr El Ein) is about to turn into a tech hub where ideas spark, innovation ignites, and success stories take center stage. Don't forget to bring your laptops because this event, starting at 8 AM, is not just a conference—it's an electrifying journey into the future of technology. Let the excitement unfold as we redefine the possibilities together!



Saturday, March 9, 2024
6:00 AM – 2:30 PM UTC


  • Mohamad Omar

    Drive Terra


  • Issa Halaby

  • Abdalla Bakhach


  • Batoul Bou yehya

    Ai developer

  • SE Factory

  • Youbee .ai

  • Reine Abbass


  • baker lawzi

    GDSC Lead

  • tamim Eter

    Frontend developer

  • Hanan El Kadi

    Gdsc Brain Trust

  • Ahmad Abou samra

    backend developer

  • Ahmd Abdallah


  • Hicham Zouhbi

    Frontend Developer

  • Carla Rizk

    Social media manager

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