Internet of Things (IoT) #5 Lab 2: Python for Raspberry

Lebanese International University - Sanaa, Yemen

The 5th session of seven in the IoT track

Feb 5, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

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Key Themes

Google Cloud

About this event

• Use the Python shell and execute programs

• Understand Boolean and algebraic expressions

• Understand strings and their operators and methods

• Define and invoke functions

• Understand lists and their operators and methods

• Use basic control-flow statements


  • Mai Ali

    University of Toronto

    Phd Candidate, Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of EEE


  • Ameer Eshaq

    GDSC Lead

  • Ahmed Rashed


  • Ahmed Alwadeai

    Technical Team Leader

  • Amr Al-zendani

    Technical Team VP

  • Ebrahim AL-Ameer

    Non-Technical Team Leader

  • Leen Reham

    Non-Technical Team VP

  • roba omar


  • AMAL Al.Daroubi

    Content Writer

  • Noor Ghassan

    Technical Team member

  • Mohammed Almuddaeai

    Technical team member

  • Rahaf Yahya

    Technical Team member

  • Hala Mohmmed

    Technical Team Member

  • Aymen Hager

    Non-Technical Team Member

  • Ahmed AL-Mashraie

    Non-Technical Team member

  • Noor Anam

    Non-Technical Team Member

  • Fatima Eshaq

    Non-Technical Team Member

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