GDSC Yemen Info Session

An info session about the Google Developer Student Clubs in Yemen. This session is in collaboration with other GDSC Leads in the Yemeni Region.

Sep 12, 2021, 1:00 – 3:00 PM



Key Themes

About this event

The Virtual Info Session is in collaboration with the GDSC Leads of the following universities:

- Andalus University for Science & Technology

- International University of Technology Twintech

- Lebanese International University

- Sana'a University

During the info session the following topics will be covered:

- Who are the GDSC Leads in Yemen

- What is the GDSC?

- GDSC Structure

- Benefits of joining us

- Our aims and goals

- Achievements

- What is Qwiklabs?

- Solution Challenge

- Future events and tracks. 

- How to Join


  • Khaldoon Mutahar

    GDSC - Lebanese International University - Sana'a

    GDSC Mentor

  • Ahd Karman

    GDSC - Sana'a University

    GDSC Team Lead

  • Rami Shehab

    Andalus University For Science & Technology

    GDSC Lead

  • Abed Abed

    International University of Technology Twintech - Yemen

    GDSC Lead


  • Ameer Eshaq

    GDSC Lead

  • Ahmed Rashed


  • Ahmed Alwadeai

    Technical Team Leader

  • Amr Al-zendani

    Technical Team VP

  • Ebrahim AL-Ameer

    Non-Technical Team Leader

  • Leen Reham

    Non-Technical Team VP

  • roba omar


  • AMAL Al.Daroubi

    Content Writer

  • Noor Ghassan

    Technical Team member

  • Mohammed Almuddaeai

    Technical team member

  • Rahaf Yahya

    Technical Team member

  • Hala Mohmmed

    Technical Team Member

  • Aymen Hager

    Non-Technical Team Member

  • Ahmed AL-Mashraie

    Non-Technical Team member

  • Noor Anam

    Non-Technical Team Member

  • Fatima Eshaq

    Non-Technical Team Member

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