Cloud Hero Prep Event 2

Lambton College - Toronto
Thu, Nov 5, 2020, 10:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Get official hands-on technical training at no cost on Qwiklabs and SQL basics to prepare for the regional DSC Cloud Hero event. This will help make sure you can hit the ground running for the Data and ML Cloud Hero on November 7th and 8th!

Join a community of like-minded developers and explore the latest Google Cloud technologies as a team.

Join us for our upcoming Cloud Hero Prep Event and get hands-on experience with Qwiklabs and SQL. In particular, this event is great for anyone planning on attending the Data and ML Cloud Hero Event on November 7th and 8th, so you can hit the ground running!

About this session, Cloud Hero Prep Event:

In this session, we’ll be covering:

● Tour of Qwiklabs (which will be used in the Cloud Hero event)

● Introduction to SQL

Note: this session will be identical to the "Cloud Hero Prep Event 1" on November 4th. Feel free to pick whichever works best for your schedule!


● Basic programming language experience could help, but not required.

● You can use either Windows, mac-OS, or Linux.

● The labs will run on all of the latest versions of popular browsers. For the best experience, make sure your laptop has Firefox or Chrome installed.

● Your enthusiasm to become a Cloud Hero!