What the Hack

WHAT THE HACK Hackathon is a 48-hour event that aims to provide a platform to showcase one's skills, enhance their knowledge, and gain experience in multiple disciplines including Development, Machine Learning, the Internet of things, etc., utilizing problem-solving which is open for all for free.

About this event

A hackathon that welcomes everyone - If you're one of those tech geeks people who sit in their room checking on their algorithms or a whole newcomer who wants to get into tech but is confused with where to start, we welcome you all.

Opportunity for all - An event where you can learn new skills as well as upgrade your current skill set, connect with people from similar or different disciplines and contribute towards solving real-world problems pitch, program, & present your thoughts while having loads of fun.

· A chance to win swags and prizes- While participating you not only get a chance to learn and grow through amazing in-between sessions but also you get to win prizes and goodies. Sounds interesting right? So, what are you waiting for join us on our amazing adventure!!!