Introduction to Flutter & Firebase Fundamentals

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Title: Introduction to Flutter and Firebase: Building Dynamic Mobile Applications


Are you interested in building dynamic mobile applications? If so, you won't want to miss this event! In this introductory session, we will dive into the basics of two powerful tools for mobile app development: Flutter and Firebase.

Flutter is a mobile development framework that allows you to create high-performance, visually appealing apps for both iOS and Android platforms. It uses a single codebase and offers hot reload, allowing you to iterate quickly and efficiently.

Firebase, on the other hand, is a cloud-based platform that provides backend services for your app, such as hosting, database, authentication, and more. It offers simple integration with Flutter and allows you to build real-time applications with ease.

During this event, we will cover the basics of Flutter and Firebase, including setting up your development environment, building a simple app, and integrating Firebase services. We will also provide tips and tricks for optimizing your app's performance and user experience.

Whether you're new to mobile app development or a seasoned pro, this event is a great opportunity to learn new skills and connect with other developers in the community. So join us and take your app development skills to the next level!

Topics to be covered:

Introduction to Flutter and Firebase

Setting up your development environment

Building a simple Flutter app

Integrating Firebase services

Tips and tricks for optimizing your app's performance and user experience

Target audience:

Beginner to intermediate developers interested in mobile app development

Anyone interested in learning about Flutter and Firebase


Basic programming knowledge (preferably in Dart)

Laptop with Android Studio and Flutter installed (see instructions at



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