About this event

Welcome to HackOdisha 2.0, a hackathon that aims to bring creatives and developers together to solve some of the most pressing problems faced by communities all over the world. 

This is a FREE, ONLINE, 36-hour-long event that will bring together technocrats from all over the country. 

The problem statements are stimulating enough for programmers who love solving mind-bending problems. 

Our mission is to join creative minds with technical skills to come up with innovative ways of using sponsors’ technologies to develop innovative solutions to solve important real-world problems. 

The hackathon is open to experts as well as beginners because abstractions are equally important as implementations.

Students can not only showcase their ideas but also acquire knowledge from experienced mentors and get a lifetime's worth of experience. 

Rather than a monotonous coding competition, this is more of a celebration of technology where we embrace new ideas in a fun-filled environment through various kinds of activities like movie nights, workshops, games, and much more.