Getting Familiar With Codeforces

📢 There is a Codeforces DIV 3 round tomorrow and as a beginner DIV 3 contest is one of the best way to get into competitive programming. So this session will equip with all the pre requisites before getting started with your first contest and embarking on a journey to become a competitive programmer. 💥💫

Sep 6, 2023, 4:30 – 5:30 PM



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Are you a budding programmer or a coding enthusiast looking to hone your problem-solving skills and participate in competitive programming contests?🙄 Join us for an immersive and enlightening session on "Getting Familiar with Codeforces," one of the premier online platforms for competitive coding challenges.🥇🚀

What You'll Learn: 🪄🌈

🌟Introduction to Codeforces: Gain a deep understanding of Codeforces, its history, and its pivotal role in the competitive programming landscape. Discover why it's a preferred choice for programmers worldwide.

🌟Account Setup: We'll walk you through every step of setting up your own Codeforces account, from creating your profile to configuring your preferences. By the end, you'll have a personalized Codeforces account ready for action.

🌟Contest Structure: Unravel the intricacies of Codeforces contests, including standard contests, educational rounds, and more. Learn how to register for contests, submit solutions, and climb the leaderboard.

🌟Solving Problems: Dive into the heart of Codeforces by mastering the art of solving problems. Explore various problem categories, and follow comprehensive problem-solving techniques that will elevate your skills.

🌟Rating System: Navigate the Codeforces rating system with ease. Understand how your performance is assessed and how your rating evolves based on contest participation and success.

🌟Tools and Resources: Discover a treasure trove of programming resources and tools to support your journey. Learn about coding platforms, competitive programming communities, and debugging techniques.


  • Kushagra Rawat

    CP/DSA Track Lead


  • Aakriti Awasthi

    GDSC Lead

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