GDSC Yemen Info Session

Knowledge and Modern Science University KMSU
Wed, Aug 17, 2022, 7:00 PM (GMT+3)

About this event

The Virtual Info Session is in collaboration with the GDSC Yemen Chapters.

During the info session the following topics will be covered:

- Who are the GDSC Leads in Yemen

- What is the GDSC?

- GDSC Structure

- Benefits of joining us

- Our aims and goals

- Achievements

- What is Qwiklabs?

- Solution Challenge

- Future events and tracks.

- How to Join

لقاء تعريفي بقادة نوادي الطلبة المطورين من جوجل بالجامعات اليمنية

أجندة اللقاء:

1. ما هو GDSC? 

2. أهداف وغايات GDSC؟

3. كيف تكون قائد GDSC ما هي الأدوار القيادية لـ GDSC؟

4. Bevy & QwikLabs؟

5. ما هي تحديات GDSC MENA؟




  • Marwan M. Al-Falah

    Marwan M. Al-Falah


    GDSC Lead

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  • Mustafa S. ALkhayat

    Mustafa S. ALkhayat


    GDSC Co-Lead

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  • Muahmmad Alsharafi

    Muahmmad Alsharafi

    Arkan Almarefh

    Head Of Web Development

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  • Badr AlBadawi

    Badr AlBadawi

    Intelligence smart in Yemen

    Cloud/ ML Lead

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  • ايمن عبد الكريم النعمي

    ايمن عبد الكريم النعمي

    Head Assistant of Flutter

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  • Ahmed Alsamet

    Ahmed Alsamet

    Head of Flutter

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  • وجدي الاصبحي

    وجدي الاصبحي

    Photographer & Event Organizer

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  • Anwar Muneer Abdo Othman

    Anwar Muneer Abdo Othman

    Online Event Organizer

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  • احمد الشرفي

    احمد الشرفي

    Head of Data Science

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  • Osama Alshalali

    Osama Alshalali

    Head of Cybersecurity

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  • Yahya ALshehari

    Yahya ALshehari

    Head of External Relations

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