Twitter space about Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Ibrahim Al-Musallam @csibrahim

"Intelligence..Where is it heading?" The speaker, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Musallam @csibrahim

Apr 13, 7:00 – 8:30 PM



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Machine Learning

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Intelligence technologies.. A prosperous accelerated world 🦾

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"Intelligence..Where is it heading?"

The speaker, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Musallam @csibrahim

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    GDSC Lead

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    Vice Lead

  • Bassam AlQarni

    Technical Committee Lead

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    Technical Committee Co-Lead

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    King Saud University

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    Excessive Committee Co-Lead

  • Luluh Alyahya

    Visual Identity Lead

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  • Abdulelah Alsaihani

    Human Resources Committee Lead

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    Project Management Committee Lead

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  • بشرى الشيحة

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