Programming Race

biac, Turki alawwal street, Riyadh, 11543

Race or challenge between our university students in java language.

Dec 3, 2022, 4:00 – 6:00 PM



Key Themes


About this event

race in java language between King Saud University students, they will work as a teams and the race include three phases:

1- error finding

2-conversation of flowcharts into code

3-write a program

and in the end, there are two winning teams.



Saturday, December 3, 2022
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


  • Reema Alnafisa

    GDSC Lead

  • abdulaziz Almousa

    Vice Lead

  • Bassam AlQarni

    Technical Committee Lead

  • Mohammed Alageel

    Technical Committee Co-Lead

  • alanoud almoqbil

    Media Committee Lead

  • Fahad.A Alsayari

    King Saud University

    Media Committee Co-Lead

  • Saud Shams al deen

    Executive Committee Lead

  • Shoug Aljebreen

    Excessive Committee Co-Lead

  • Luluh Alyahya

    Visual Identity Lead

  • Yara Alfouzan

    Visual Identity Co-Lead

  • Abdulelah Alsaihani

    Human Resources Committee Lead

  • ashwag Alsubaie

    Human Resources Committee Co-Lead

  • Leen Alghaith

    Project Management Committee Lead

  • Abdulaziz Alshmrani

    Project Management Committee Co-Lead

  • بشرى الشيحة

    Public Relations Committee Lead

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