[Cyber Security Bootcamp]: CTF Challenges

In this session, we will introduce different kinds of CTF challenges, also what kind of challenges the competitors may face, and demonstrate the techniques and the scenario of solving the challenges.

Dec 1, 2021, 4:00 – 6:00 PM



Key Themes

Google Cloud

About this event

1. Introduction to CTF

2. CTF Competition Types

3. Digital Forensic Challenges

4. Web Application Challenges

5. OSINT Challenges

6. Steganography Challenges

7. Cryptography Challenges

8. Others Challenges

9. Training Platforms and Resources


  • Mohammed Qintar

  • Mohammed AlBawab


  • Reema Alnafisa

    GDSC Lead

  • abdulaziz Almousa

    Vice Lead

  • Bassam AlQarni

    Technical Committee Lead

  • Mohammed Alageel

    Technical Committee Co-Lead

  • alanoud almoqbil

    Media Committee Lead

  • Fahad.A Alsayari

    King Saud University

    Media Committee Co-Lead

  • Saud Shams al deen

    Executive Committee Lead

  • Shoug Aljebreen

    Excessive Committee Co-Lead

  • Luluh Alyahya

    Visual Identity Lead

  • Yara Alfouzan

    Visual Identity Co-Lead

  • Abdulelah Alsaihani

    Human Resources Committee Lead

  • ashwag Alsubaie

    Human Resources Committee Co-Lead

  • Leen Alghaith

    Project Management Committee Lead

  • Abdulaziz Alshmrani

    Project Management Committee Co-Lead

  • بشرى الشيحة

    Public Relations Committee Lead

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