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high level Schools - 0 Abha, khamis mushait, 12345 KING KHALID UNIVERSITY M
May 7 - 25, 8:00 AM (GMT+3)

About this event

we build this event with 11 Clubs of GDSC in Saudi Arabia to sharing, with working for 3 months to design and writing and training the trainer, and finally go to the schools to speaking about it.

along Saudi Arabia, we visited 53 schools, the participants arrived to more than 2100, with team component from 230 participants for designing, content writing, training, and organizing.

from Asser region around our club, we visited 10 schools, with 456 participants.

then, with Saudi's Community of GDSC leader, we make a big event to show the numbers in front of big leaders in King Khalid university, and some Media people in City to show more about our event.


May 7 - 25
8:00 AM (+03)


high level Schools
0 Abha, khamis mushait12345