Android (Kotlin) Bootcamp

E- 513, Lab-2, 5th Floor, E-Block, KIET Group Of Institutions, Muradnagar, 201206

Embark on an Android journey with 'Kotlin' Bootcamp which is all about mastering Android basics. Dive into hands-on coding, explore key concepts, and elevate your app-building skills. Join us for a dynamic session of learning and crafting modern Android experiences.

Jan 23, 11:30 AM – Jan 25, 1:30 PM



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AndroidSolution Challenge

About this event

πŸ“± Hey GDSC Fam! πŸš€ 

Gather 'round for the ultimate 3-days Android Bootcamp on Kotlin, a spectacular collaboration among GDSCs! 🌐 Get set to explore the Kotlin universe and craft your very own mobile applications! 🎲✨ In this engaging session, we'll delve into Android Studio, unravel the secrets of Kotlin syntax, and master the essentials of UI design. No prior experience? No problem! Grab your trusty laptop, join the excitement, and let's roll into the fascinating world of Android development together! πŸš€

Date: 23 Jan'24 - 25 Jan,24

Venue: E-513, Lab-2, 5th Floor, E-Block, KIET Group Of Institutions

Time: 5.00 p.m- 7.00 p.m

 #GDSCAndroidBootcamp #RollingWithKotlin 🌟 



January 23 – 25, 2024
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM UTC


  • Sneha Aggarwal

    GDSC Lead

  • Manas Rai

    Machine Learning Captain


    Open Source Captain

  • Akshat Srivastava

    App Development Captain

  • Prashant Rai

    Community Manager

  • Yash Varshney

    Web Development Captain

  • Ashutosh Sharma

    Kiet Group of Institutions

    Graphics & Design Captain

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