Flutter QWIK Lab Introduction

Sam Mather 201 - 203 N College Rd Gambier, 43022 Kenyon College
Mon, Sep 26, 7:30 PM (EDT)

What is Flutter? How to install it on our devices? Relevant basic insights for our Marketplace app idea

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About this event

Our plan for this semester is to learn through a hands-on project, which is why we are building an app. We decided to make a marketplace specific to the Kenyon community where students and staff can upload an item they are throwing away. There is always a supply of things that students throw away, such as lamps, mirrors, posters, etc. This app will help students schedule a time and place to take that item for free. We will monetize it in the future with buy/sell/bid options if it gets famous. But, for now, our goal is to learn how to build an app through Flutter. Daniel will be going through what Flutter (our app-development language) is, how to install it on our devices, and some basics for our Marketplace app building. We are hosting this event for all campus and feel excited about learning and working together!


Monday, Sep 26
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM (EDT)


Sam Mather 201
203 N College Rd Gambier43022