Machine Learning

ул. Кажымукан Муңайтпасов 11, 11 улица Кажымукан Муңайтпасов, Астана, 010000

Machine Learning Projects

Nov 17, 2023, 8:30 – 9:30 AM



Key Themes

Machine LearningTensorFlow / Keras

About this event

🚀 Welcome to the introductory session on machine learning!

• Practical Applications:

Explore real-world applications of machine learning.

Understand how ML is transforming various industries.

• Tools for Working:

Introduction to Python as the preferred language for AI and Python libraries essential for AI development.

• TensorFlow Library:

Dive into the powerful TensorFlow library.

Learn how to create and train machine learning models efficiently.

• PyCharm Application:

Presentation of PyCharm as an integrated development environment (IDE).

Hands-on experience with PyCharm for coding and project management.

🌟 See you in our sessions!


  • Kamila Murzagulova

    Kazakhstan Branch of MSU GDSC

    GDSC Lead

  • Bakyt Keremkulova

    GDSC Astana, Co-organizer, Bakyt

  • Dariya Kenzhebekova

    GDSC Astana, Co-organizer, Dariya

  • Kurivyan Arman

    KB of MSU

    GDSC Astana, Co-organizer, Arman

  • Boris Cherkasov

    GDSC Astana, Co-organizer, Boris

  • Назия Кинжитаева

    GDSC Astana, Co-organizer, Naziya

  • Мадияр Усинов

    GDSC Astana, Co-organizer, Madiyar

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