HackFest: October'22

HackFest is a hackathon conducted on a monthly basis. This month we are beginning for the first time, and we would love to see all of you brainstorm and submit your ideas. We are also partnering with GDSC IIEST Shibpur and GDSC IIITK for this event. Looking forward to a grand success of the event!

Oct 23, 2022, 1:30 PM – Nov 2, 2022, 6:29 PM



Key Themes

AR / VRAndroidCareer DevelopmentFirebaseFlutterMachine LearningUI / UXWeb

About this event

Hackathon Rules for Round 1:

- STEP 1: Check out the brochure for the whole event description: https://bit.ly/brochure-oct-hackfest

- STEP 2: If you have not registered for the hackathon, kindly do it asap: https://www.gdsckgec.in/hackfest

- STEP 3: An introductory session will be held on 23rd 7:00PM, attend it to know more about the hackathon.

- STEP 4: Go through the problem statements below:

1. HealthCare001:

During and after the pandemic, hospitals have been affected by shortage of staff, and overcrowding. That makes it difficult for the staffs to manage the records of their patients. We are in a need of a hospital automation system with different abstractions like logging in to the database for hospital staffs, registered patients, and the patient's family and extracting all records for future use.

2. Education001:

It will be awesome if we could predict the placements in various Engineering colleges with respect to their demographic locations and various other factors (that will affect the stats). Collect data and predict the upcoming placement stats w.r.t college, branch, grades, number of previously placed students, etc.

3. Education002:

KGEC (and we know almost all engineering colleges) suffers from surprise exam outage. Although we had online exams till previous semester, now that COVID-19 lockdown is over, exams are "OFFLINE". Students like us who prefer studying at the very last moment are in a need of previous year offline papers and study materials. Design and develop a centralized question bank/repository (college wise) where we can look up for all the materials with ease.

4. Automate001:

In any factory while taking inspections, the workers enters data on a sheet. This sheet at the end of the repair cycle, manufacturing process, etc. is manually entered into the database which is time consuming and repetitive. Currently, there are OCR technologies which does not perform well with Cursive Handwritten data. Build a Deep learning OCR module which can work with Cursive handwritten data (Since each individual has a different handwriting style).Keep in mind that there should be a mechanism to collect data from different users and train the models for improved performance of the OCR.

5. Social001:

Managing college with tech co-curriculars is tough. But it is tougher when we are in search of the right opportunity at the right time. Wouldn't it be amazing if we can have an all-in-one place for all tech-related queries? Be it technical events, dev-fests, webinars/seminars, hackathons, competitions, recruitment drives and all sorts of opportunities for the any college student.

STEP 5 :

- Form a team of min 2 to max 4 members.

- Prepare a self explanatory ppt/pdf of your solutions for this round.

- Maximum 5 pages.

- File size should be less than 1MB.

- Submit your ideas before 27th of October here: https://www.gdsckgec.in/hackfest-submit
more solutions will be considered after the last date.

- Remember this round is an eliminatory round.


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Wait for the results. Mark the date 28th October 2022. We will be sending mails to the teams which will be selected for the next round.
 Wish you all the best!

Round 2: Will be announced Soon
Round 3: Will be announced Soon


  • Adrishyantee Maiti


    App developer

  • Soumyajit Datta

    Google EML Facilitator

  • Saptarshi Bhattacharya


    Non Tech Team


  • Jaysmito Mukherjee


    GDSC Lead

  • Shounak Ghosh

    Front End Lead

  • Udit Kanti De

    JavaScript Developer

  • Meghdip Karmakar

    Kalyani Government Engineering College

    Backend Lead

  • Ashirvad Bhushan

    Web Dev Lead

  • Saikat Panda

    Event Volunteer

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