Flutter Festival Kalindi College | Info Session

Kalindi College - Delhi
Wed, Feb 23, 2022, 7:00 PM (IST)

About this event

Hey folks! 👋

Google Developer Student Clubs Kalindi Chapter is here with Flutter Festival.

If you're interested in app development using a cross platform framework like Flutter, do join us in this Google powered, festival of learning, and the tickets are absolutely free. Of course its beginner friendly and you can learn even if you haven't started yet.


1. Learn Flutter and related concepts and get trained by facilitators who directly learnt Flutter from Google Engineers (Also there are Certificates for each trainee).

2. Want more? Get a chance to build a real life working app for your college, community or surroundings that might get featured in Google's Dev Library (Special certificates for app builders).

3. Finish challenges and puzzles for a chance to win goodies 👀🎁

4. Be a part of Kalindi's App Development Team and make an app that works IRL.

5. Chance to be a part of one of GDSC Kalindi's Core Teams-Tech Team!

How to proceed:

Just fill out the Flutter Festival | Interest Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/197AsUfDJWwVu-fgBu2xwOAVAQhkPzYWQ7aStOi0BKeI/viewform?edit_requested=true. You’ll receive a mail from us.

DEADLINE: 5th March, 2022

PS: Anybody interested in Flutter (novice or expert) can attend the fest and get certificates by Google.

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3. Google Community Chapter: https://bit.ly/chapterGDSCKalindi

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