7 Days of DSA

JSS Science & Technology University, Mysuru
Jan 20 - 26, 2022, 10:00 AM (IST)

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Google Developer Student Clubs - JSSSTU

Stuck at home, itching to do something productive?

COVID-19 has confined us all to one location, but what if we take a week to put our skills to use?🤔

From the comfort of your own home, GDSC JSSSTU presents before you an exciting informative event,

✨ 7 Days of DSA ✨

📝A basic explanation of why you should enhance your DSA skills:

📌 Data Structures and Algorithms are very important when it comes to coding rounds during placements.💪🏻

📌 It teaches you the science of evaluating the efficiency of an algorithm.🔎

We can help you get started on your DSA Journey through a roadmap that contains valuable resources and LeetCode problems that has been developed exclusively by the technical team of GDSC JSSSTU 🚀

When? 20th to 26th of January🗓️

Further steps will be intimated upon registration through the mail.

The link to our Community Discord Server: discord.dscjssstu.in


Poorvi: 6362942135

Abhilash: 8971204672

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