Android Study Jam - Introduction

JSS Academy of Technical Education - Noida
Sat, Nov 28, 2020, 4:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

This event is for all those taking their first steps in learning programming for Android development.

Whether you’ve already started or had zero programming experience, have a side project, or are searching for a job, come and join us at the Android Study Jam: a series of 3 workshops run by DSC JSSATEN. Hope you will enjoy it!

During the course, you will get a general overview of mobile development for Android, learn basic programming concepts as well as core vocabulary and concepts in Android, get hands-on experience building a small app using the Kotlin language, and understand what opportunities exist for you in the vibrant Berlin tech scene as an Android programmer.

Discussion Panel: 

  • Switching Careers and Becoming an Android Developer
  • Everyday work of Android developers
  • The technology used in most projects
  • Preparing for the job search
  • Support in the community
  • A Q&A session

Note 📈: This session will be appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about the field and prior programming knowledge will not be necessary. 

Our speakers will tell you in detail how you can learn android in kotlin and after that each unit has badges earn the 10 badges and get a certificate direct from Google.

Also, join us on discord to stay updated and seek guidance from the best in the arena of android development.

👉 Discord Link:

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