A hackathon for all in collaboration with Department of EnTC & sponsored by TESA EnTC😁

Mar 20, 2023, 5:08 AM – Apr 1, 2023, 5:08 AM



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About this event

Hey guys 🙋 ....!!

Warm greetings from GDSC JSCOE

Guys ! As we come to the end of our term, we thought we should go out with a bang 🤩

So presenting to you🥁🥁


A 24 hours hackathon for all in collaboration with Department of EnTC & sponsored by TESA EnTC😁

All you gotta do is :

📌 Submission Form :-

After the successful registration, follow the below given steps :👇👇

👉 Step 1 : Select a problem statement

👉 Step 2 : Create your solution

👉 Step 3 : Create a 2 min prototype video with explanation

👉 Step 4 : Submit the form

Do have a look at the deadlines : 👀

Submission date :- 30th March, 2023

In addition🤫 to the excitement and learning opportunities, there are also 👀 cash prizes and certifications up! The top teams will receive cash prizes, with a total of Rs15,000 up for grabs.

In case of any queries,

Feel free to reach out to us 🤗

Don't miss out on this chance to challenge yourself and make a difference.



# Guidelines

Submission Criteria, Demo Video and GitHub Guidelines

One representative from each team will need to complete the submission form.

Demo Content Tips

- Please make sure your video is no longer than 2 minutes in duration (judges will only review the first 2 minutes of a demo video if it is longer)

- Start with a short Introduction (15-30 seconds): Solution name, where your team members are from, a concise problem statement, stating which Sustainable Develop Goals you’re solving for in this project, and a high-level overview of your solution

- Then begin demonstrating your solution (show us how your solution works); Judges will have your written responses from this submission form to understand the full context of your project, so there is not a need to cover everything in the video itself, since they will have the supporting materials.


- Most importantly, judges are looking to see an actual demo of your solution. This should include an actual working prototype (even if it’s not fully completed). You can describe how the application/system behaves and show mock-ups or images, but please make sure the focus of your video features a demonstration of your solution and how users will interact with it.

Video Production Tips

- Remember the main focus of your demo video is to show a demo of your solution (video production quality is nice to have, but not required)

- You can film the demo using your phone camera - the recording doesn't need to be done with a professional camera/setup

- Record your demo in landscape mode as this will be posted on YouTube

Posting the video

- Please name the video title as **"(Your Solution Name) - GDSC Solution Challenge 2023"**

- Make sure it is hosted on YouTube (feel free to mark the video as unlisted if you’d like to keep it private)

- If you mark as unlisted, please make sure to share a link that allows us to view the video during the judging process

# GitHub Guidelines

- You’ll need to share your GitHub project link in the submission form

- Be sure to include guidance on how to run your code in your GitHub README file

- Please make your GitHub project publicly available during the judging process

*terms & conditions applied. All rights are reserved by GDSC JSCOE


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  • Shreya Rao

    GDSC Lead

  • Gautam Pataskar

    Core Lead

  • Tushar Dhangar

    Cyber security Lead

  • Prajakta Hadke

    AI in Robotics Lead

  • Prashasti Randive

    AI/ML Lead

  • Purva Morey


    UI/UX lead

  • Vaishnavi Bhavsar

    Cloud Lead

  • Sonali Betageri

    Web Dev Lead

  • Kiran Pal

    App Dev Lead

  • Paavan Jaitly

    Management Team Lead

  • Joel Chandanshiv

    Tech-Team Manager

  • Vedant hiremath

    Social Media Manager

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