Android Study Jam | Session 4 | DSC JSCOE

JSPM's Jayawantrao Sawant College of Engineering - Pune, India

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Jan 4, 2022, 10:45 – 11:45 AM

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About this event

We have come a long way from learning the basics of kotlin, knowing your android studio, some basic concepts, and building a simple android app. Now it's time we dive deep into android development. This is the third android study jam session in which we will be discussing some more interesting android concepts.

We hope you would join, enjoy the session, and learn interesting concepts of android development.


  • Atharva Bhosale


  • Aditya Mishra


  • Shreya Rao

    GDSC Lead

  • Gautam Pataskar

    Core Lead

  • Tushar Dhangar

    Cyber security Lead

  • Prajakta Hadke

    AI in Robotics Lead

  • Prashasti Randive

    AI/ML Lead

  • Purva Morey


    UI/UX lead

  • Vaishnavi Bhavsar

    Cloud Lead

  • Sonali Betageri

    Web Dev Lead

  • Kiran Pal

    App Dev Lead

  • Paavan Jaitly

    Management Team Lead

  • Joel Chandanshiv

    Tech-Team Manager

  • Vedant hiremath

    Social Media Manager

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