Hacktober Fusion: Collaborate, Contribute, Celebrate

Get ready to dive into the world of open source at Hacktober Fusion: Collaborate, Contribute, Celebrate. This two-day event is your ticket to learn about Git, GitHub, and Hacktoberfest, connect with student speakers, discover exciting GitHub projects, and learn how to make meaningful contributions. Participants will get swags !!!

Oct 15, 2023, 11:30 AM – Oct 16, 2023, 1:30 PM



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Open Source

About this event

🌟Welcome to Hacktober Fusion: Collaborate, Contribute, Celebrate🌟

A two-day open source extravaganza that fuses the energy of collaboration, the power of contribution, and the joy of celebration. In an era where open source plays a pivotal role in shaping the technology landscape, Hacktober Fusion serves as your gateway to the dynamic world of open source development. This event invites you to join the global movement, experience the thrill of open source contributions, and enjoy the festivities of Hacktoberfest. Over these two days, you'll not only gain insights into the fundamentals of Git, GitHub, and Hacktoberfest but also connect with fellow enthusiasts and chart a course for your open source journey. So, let's dive in and embark on this incredible open source fusion!

🌐 Day 1:

📅 Introduction and Agenda: Start your open source journey with us as we kick off Hacktober Fusion, a two-day extravaganza dedicated to the spirit of collaboration and open source contribution. Get ready for an event filled with knowledge, interaction, and celebration. We'll begin with an introduction to the event and an overview of the exciting agenda that awaits you.

🎤 Speaker: Nitish Kumar - Mastering Git, GitHub, and Open Source: Delve into the world of Git, GitHub, and the principles of open source with our keynote speaker, Nitish Kumar. Learn the ins and outs of version control, collaboration, and how open source projects operate on these platforms. Nitish will provide valuable insights that will set the stage for your journey into open source.

🎤 Speaker: Anshit Mishra - Hacking Hacktoberfest: Discover the essence of Hacktoberfest as Anshit Mishra takes you on a journey through this global celebration of open source contributions. Learn how you can get involved, the significance of pull requests, and how you can make your mark during this exciting month of open source dedication.

🌐 Day 2:

🎤 Speaker: Jhankar Mahbub (CEO - Programming Hero) : CEO of Programming Hero, Jhankar Mahbub will give some insights to the attendees about the technical tools and programming languages need or used for Open Source Contribution. He will share his experience about different technology stacks.

🗣️ Interactive Sessions with GDSC Speakers: Connect with fellow students who have embarked on their own open source journeys. Listen to their experiences, ask questions, and find inspiration from their stories. You'll have the opportunity to interact with our student speakers, who will share their insights and adventures in the world of open source.

Join us for Hacktober Fusion, where we'll empower you with the skills and knowledge to embark on your open source journey. Collaborate with like-minded individuals, contribute to meaningful projects, and celebrate the magic of open source technology. Get ready to make your mark, contribute, and, most importantly, celebrate the spirit of open source!

All attendees will get swags 🤩🤩



October 15 – 16, 2023
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM UTC


  • Jhankar Mahbub


    Programming Hero

  • Nitish Kumar

    GitHub Campus Expert

  • Anshit Mishra

    Open Source Expert


Programming Hero logo

Programming Hero

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  • Saptarshi Mondal

    Web Dev Lead

    GDSC Lead

  • Anindita Sarkar

    Content Lead


    Outreach Lead

  • Srijan Biswas

    ML Lead

  • Udity Banerjee


    Design Lead

  • Spandan Chakrabarty

    CP Lead

  • Soumyajit Halder

    UI/UX Lead

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