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Get ready to embark on a journey into the world of AI innovation with us! Join our month-long Gen AI Study Jam 2024 starting from May 1st to 28th. Discover the best practices for Prompt design in Vertex AI, learn to develop Gen AI apps with Gemini & Streamlit, also get a chance to explore the Gen AI arcade games.

May 1, 8:30 AM – May 28, 4:30 PM



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About this event

The Google Gen AI Study Jam is an immersive and enriching event designed to bring together enthusiasts, learners, and professionals passionate about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications. Hosted by Google Developers in collaboration with leading educational institutions and technology partners, this study jam is a unique opportunity for participants to delve deep into the world of AI, explore its vast potential, and gain practical insights into its implementation.

This event is carefully curated to cater to individuals with varying levels of expertise, from beginners eager to grasp the fundamentals to seasoned professionals seeking advanced knowledge and hands-on experience. Through a series of workshops, lectures, and interactive sessions, attendees will embark on a comprehensive learning journey, guided by industry experts and Google Developer Experts (GDEs).

One of the highlights of the event is the hands-on coding sessions, where participants will have the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in practical exercises and projects. By working on real-world AI problems and datasets, attendees will gain invaluable experience in building, training, and deploying AI models, honing their skills and enhancing their proficiency in AI development.

Throughout the event, participants will have access to resources, documentation, and support from Google Developers and partner organizations, ensuring a seamless learning experience and empowering attendees to continue their AI journey beyond the study jam. Whether you're a student aspiring to enter the field of AI, a developer looking to upskill, or a seasoned professional seeking to stay abreast of the latest advancements, the Google Gen AI Study Jam offers something for everyone, inspiring, educating, and empowering the next generation of AI enthusiasts and practitioners.


  • Danish Chavda


    Community Lead

  • Hasan Khan

  • Saksham Jaiswal

    Design Lead

  • Akshaat Bansi

    Visual Core


  • Danish Chavada

    GDSC Lead

  • Shreyash Giri

    ACE-X Intelligence

    Former Lead / Mentor

  • Hasan Khan


    Core Team Member

  • Girish Rakshit


    Alumni Core

  • Aditya Bhalerao

    Web Dev Lead

  • Chhavi Padigel

    Content Lead

  • Ram Lichade

    Operations Lead

  • Shrutika Kawale

    Public Relations Lead

  • Raghav VYAS

    Visuals Lead

  • Divyank Khobragade

    AI/ML Core

  • Akhil Tonge

    Web Dev Core

  • Priyal Ramteke

    Web Dev Core

  • Maitraee kengale

    Design Core

  • Janavi Giradkar

    Content Core

  • Arpit Tinkhede

    Public Relations Core

  • Anushka Kesharwani

    Public Relations Core

  • Sumaiya Patel

    Core Team Member

  • Tejas Nagardhankar

    Core Team Member

  • Saksham Jaiswal

    Design Lead

  • Nishij Sontakke

    Public Relation Core

  • Anurodh Bante

    Core Team Member