- Introduction to the platform - what is Platform features? - A tour inside the platform - How to make it free

Jan 21, 5:00 – 5:45 PM



Key Themes

Google AssistantGoogle Cloud

About this event

We know you have never attended a course prsented by "CYBORG" before

And you know we are google club

We make it POSSIBLE !!

On SUNDAY 21/1 at 8-9 pm

In google meet


  • Sarah Saleh

    GDSC Lead

  • Rana Al-Wadani

    Social Accounts Team

  • Sara Hafez

    Marketing Team

  • Fairouz Alharbi

    Marketing Team

  • May Moafa

    Designing Team

  • Amjad Shtifi

    Designing Team

  • Ruba Shaykhayn

    Designing Team

  • Wed Madkhali

    Social Accounts Team

  • Shahd Abdullah

    Events Management Team

  • Asmaa Farea

    Lead Of Social Accounts Team

  • eman yahya

    Designing Team

  • Amira Alattas

    Content writing and marketing team

  • أثـيِر جبلي

    Lead of Design team

  • lujain Athlawi

    Designing Team

  • budur. hjory

    Marketing and Content Writing team

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