What is GDSC & How can we Benefit from Qwiklabs?

Islamic University of Lebanon
Sun, Mar 5, 8:00 PM (EET)

Do you want to join a professional group of developers? Do you want to learn more about Google Technologies? Enhance your coding skills? Then this is your chance... Join Us on Tuesday February 28, 2023 at 8:00 Pm Beirut Time for an amazing session to introduce you to GDSC-IUL.. Where we will be introducing you to the largest community for practicing also, Qwicklabs.

About this event

GDSC is a huge community for all university students all over the world to introduce them to Google Technologies, and help them get deeper into ther world of coding and other technologies.

During the session, we will get introduced to our new members, b reak the ice among them all, and explain our upcoming events to them. 

Also, we will be having a demo on Qwiklabs and how they can start practicing on it for free, to enhance their skills.