MENA TechSkills Boost initiative

Generative AI & Cloud Computing Let's start learn it together and earn some gifts, don't miss this limited offer! It's more than just introduction, it will give you a high knowledge with practical experience. Now you can learn on your own with help with Tech Mentors, get your Free Certification.

Mar 21, 7:00 – 7:30 PM



Key Themes

Google CloudMachine Learning

About this event

In this meeting we will discuss all the topics we will discover in the courses and will talk about the joining phase, learning phase and the ending phase.


  • Mohammad Ali Alaawar

    Islamic University of Lebanon

    GDSC Lead

  • hadi zaiter


    Co-Leader of GDSC Borouj Branch

  • Saja Msheik

    Wardanieh Branch Co-Leader

  • Zeinab Mohsen

    Iul student

    Tyre Branch Co-Leader

  • Hadi Tarhini

    Islamic University of Lebanon

    Web Dev Track Leader

  • Karine Ayash

    Cyber Security Track Leader

  • Jawad Alhajj

    Web Dev Track Leader

  • Hadi Fares

    Islamic University of Lebanon

    AI Track Leader

  • Hussein Sawan

    Islamic University of Lebanon

    App dev track Leader

  • Ali Abu melhem

    Faculty Advisor

  • Mohammad Hashem

    CoreTeam member

  • Diala Makke

    CoreTeam Member

  • Daniel Traboulsi

    CoreTeam Member

  • Razan Moussa

    CoreTeam Member

  • Zahraa Jezzini

    CoreTeam Member

  • Asa Kanaan

    CoreTeam Member

  • dina houmani

    CoreTeam Member

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