LinkedIn Professionalism Workshop

Islamic University of Lebanon
Fri, Oct 28, 8:00 PM (EEST)

LinkedIn is one of the most crucial platforms in getting into the real job world, it's almost a huge world that need to have its keys locked, and in this workshop we will guide you to become experts in using LinkedIn.

About this event

LinkedIn became a great platform in recruitment and finding jobs, it's the bridge between the job market and the skills we have, throughout LinkedIn one can get recruited or even not accepted in the work.

How to get accepted and get the opportunities on LinkedIn?

We as GDSC-IUL, in partnership with IEEE-IUL, will guide you to the LinkedIn world in a 2 hours workshop, where you will be able to explore LinkedIn from zero to professionalism, unlocking all the features and topics related to it, with a tour over LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn SlideShare, where at the end of the workshop you will have a great profile that stands out in front of any recruiter. So join us to unlock those LinkedIn potentials.