From Idea To Prototype

Let's continue our GSC Events Series! From Idea To Prototype Join us this Friday 17 March | 7:00 PM where you'll get introduced to the best practices used to maintain an outstanding user experience 🔥

Mar 17, 2023, 5:00 – 6:15 PM



Key Themes

Solution ChallengeUI / UX

About this event

From Idea To Prototype

The purpose of this presentation is to provide participants with an overview of essential UI/UX design principles and techniques that can help them create effective and user-centered solutions for the 2023 Solution Challenge.

Through this presentation, participants will learn

- how to understand their users' needs and behaviors

- create user personas, sketch and wireframe their design concept

- apply design principles effectively conduct usability testing and design for accessibility

- create interactive prototypes of their designs.

By the end of the presentation, participants will have a foundational understanding of UI/UX design and be equipped with the skills they need to develop effective solutions that align with the Sustainable Development Goals.




  • Darine Tleiss

    UI/UX engineer


  • Mohammad Ali Alaawar

    Islamic University of Lebanon

    GDSC Lead

  • hadi zaiter


    Co-Leader of GDSC Borouj Branch

  • Saja Msheik

    Wardanieh Branch Co-Leader

  • Zeinab Mohsen

    Iul student

    Tyre Branch Co-Leader

  • Hadi Tarhini

    Islamic University of Lebanon

    Web Dev Track Leader

  • Karine Ayash

    Cyber Security Track Leader

  • Jawad Alhajj

    Web Dev Track Leader

  • Hadi Fares

    Islamic University of Lebanon

    AI Track Leader

  • Hussein Sawan

    Islamic University of Lebanon

    App dev track Leader

  • Ali Abu melhem

    Faculty Advisor

  • Mohammad Hashem

    CoreTeam member

  • Diala Makke

    CoreTeam Member

  • Daniel Traboulsi

    CoreTeam Member

  • Razan Moussa

    CoreTeam Member

  • Zahraa Jezzini

    CoreTeam Member

  • Asa Kanaan

    CoreTeam Member

  • dina houmani

    CoreTeam Member

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