How to start your career in Cybersecurity

Join us for 'How to Start Your Career in Cybersecurity' with Orishaba Famious, Application Security Analyst at Stanbic Bank Uganda. Learn essential skills and start your cybersecurity journey. Don't miss out!

Mar 7, 5:00 – 6:30 PM



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About this event

Join us for an insightful session on "How to Start Your Career in Cybersecurity," hosted by Orishaba Famious, an Application Security Analyst at Stanbic Bank Uganda. This event is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring cybersecurity professionals to gain insights into the dynamic field, covering essential skills, certifications, and career paths.

Orishaba Famious will share her journey and practical tips for starting a career in cybersecurity, including her experiences and advice on navigating the cybersecurity landscape. Attendees will learn about the role of an Application Security Analyst, incident response, and digital forensics, providing a comprehensive overview of the field.

This session is designed to inspire and equip participants with the necessary tools and mindset to embark on their cybersecurity careers. Don't miss this chance to learn from an industry professional and network with fellow enthusiasts. Register now and be part of the GDSC Club's initiative to foster a vibrant community of cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals.


  • Orishaba Famious

    Stanbic Bank

    Application Security Analyst


  • Meje B. Daniel

    GDSC - Isbat




    GDSC Lead

  • Sedrick Otolo



  • Samuel LUNGHE

    Events Coordinator

  • John Elomunait

    ISBAT University

    Technical Lead

  • Ninsiima Rabecca

    Community Engagement Lead

  • Josué kyangwi

    ML Lead

  • atuhaire Marybrea

    IOT Lead

  • Jakisa Innocent

    ISBAT University Kampala

    Marketing and Communication Lead

  • Turyamubona jackson

    Design Lead

  • Zacharie Masimango

    Game Developer Lead

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