Getting started with Flutter and Firebase

Calling all mobile app enthusiasts! This intensive study jam will equip you with the skills to build powerful and engaging mobile apps using Flutter and Firebase.

May 28, 4:00 – 6:00 PM



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About this event

Getting Started with Flutter and Firebase: Your Launchpad to Mobile App Development

In this opening session, we'll establish a solid foundation for your mobile app development journey with Flutter and Firebase. We'll cover:

An Introduction to Flutter: Explore the core concepts of Flutter, including its hot reload functionality, widget-based UI structure, and advantages for cross-platform development.

Setting Up Your Development Environment: Learn how to install the Flutter SDK and configure your development environment to start building Flutter apps.

Demystifying Firebase: Get acquainted with Firebase, a comprehensive platform that provides back-end services like authentication, databases, storage, and more, specifically designed to simplify mobile app development.

Firebase Project Setup: We'll guide you through creating a Firebase project and integrating it with your Flutter app, enabling you to leverage Firebase features seamlessly.

This session equips you with the essential building blocks to embark on creating feature-rich mobile apps with Flutter and Firebase.


  • Hassan Bahati

    Software Engineer


  • Meje B. Daniel

    GDSC - Isbat




    GDSC Lead

  • Sedrick Otolo



  • Samuel LUNGHE

    Events Coordinator

  • John Elomunait

    ISBAT University

    Technical Lead

  • Ninsiima Rabecca

    Community Engagement Lead

  • Josué kyangwi

    ML Lead

  • atuhaire Marybrea

    IOT Lead

  • Jakisa Innocent

    ISBAT University Kampala

    Marketing and Communication Lead

  • Turyamubona jackson

    Design Lead

  • Zacharie Masimango

    Game Developer Lead

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