Deployment of Applications on GCP: Monolith vs Microservices

This session dives into deploying applications on GCP, comparing two popular architectures: Monolithic and Microservices.

May 1, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM



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In this session, we'll delve into the world of application deployment on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), exploring two prominent architectural styles: Monolithic and Microservices.

Monolithic Applications:

Definition: A traditional approach where the entire application is built as a single, tightly coupled unit.

Deployment on GCP:

Straightforward deployment using services like App Engine or Compute Engine.

Simple scaling involves scaling the entire application.


Easier development and initial deployment.

Potentially lower operational overhead for smaller applications.


Limited scalability as the application grows.

Debugging and troubleshooting issues can be complex.

Changes require redeploying the entire application.

Microservices Architecture:

Definition: An approach where the application is decomposed into independent, loosely coupled services.

Deployment on GCP:

Leveraging containerization technologies like Kubernetes (GKE) for efficient deployment and management.

Individual services can be scaled independently based on their needs.


Highly scalable and fault-tolerant architecture.

Faster development cycles and easier deployments of individual services.

Improved agility and ability to adapt to changing requirements.


Increased complexity in development and management due to distributed nature.

Requires robust service discovery and communication mechanisms.

Choosing the Right Architecture:

The ideal architecture depends on your specific application requirements. We'll discuss key factors to consider when making this decision, including:

Application size and complexity: Monoliths might be suitable for smaller applications, while microservices excel for large, complex systems.

Scalability needs: Microservices offer superior scalability to handle fluctuating demands.

Development and deployment requirements: Consider the trade-off between simplicity (monolith) and agility (microservices).

Leveraging GCP for Deployment:

We'll explore how Google Cloud provides a powerful suite of tools and services to streamline deployments for both monolithic and microservice architectures:

Cloud Build: Automated builds and deployments.

Cloud Deploy: Streamlined CI/CD pipelines for continuous delivery.

Container Registry: Secure storage and management of container images.

Kubernetes Engine (GKE): Container orchestration for managing microservices at scale.

App Engine: Fully managed platform for deploying web applications.

Join this session to gain valuable insights into:

The advantages and disadvantages of Monolithic and Microservices architectures.

How to effectively deploy applications on GCP using these architectures.

Best practices and considerations for choosing the right approach for your needs.


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