Crafting UIs in Flutter with Firebase Authentication

ISBAT University - Kampala, Uganda

This comprehensive event offers a deep dive into crafting user interfaces with Flutter, focusing on mastering the fundamentals such as widgets, layouts, and state management, alongside integrating Firebase Authentication for enhanced user login and data management capabilities. Participants will explore various Firebase Authentication features, including email/password login, social logins, phone

Jun 4, 4:00 – 7:00 PM

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About this event

This event is your one-stop shop! We'll delve into the world of crafting UIs with Flutter and seamlessly integrating Firebase Authentication for robust user login and data management.

What you'll learn:

Flutter UI Fundamentals: Master the basics of building user interfaces in Flutter, including widgets, layouts, and state management.

Firebase Authentication Power: Explore Firebase Authentication features like email/password login, social logins (Google, Facebook etc.), phone authentication, and user data security.

Integration Magic: Learn how to seamlessly integrate Firebase Authentication into your Flutter application, creating a smooth user experience.

Security Best Practices: Discover best practices for securing user data and building a robust authentication flow within your app.

This event is perfect for:

Developers new to Flutter who want to build beautiful UIs.

Flutter developers looking to add user authentication with Firebase.

Anyone interested in creating secure and user-friendly Flutter apps.


  • Hassan Bahati

    Software Engineer


  • Meje B. Daniel

    GDSC - Isbat




    GDSC Lead

  • Sedrick Otolo



  • Samuel LUNGHE

    Events Coordinator

  • John Elomunait

    ISBAT University

    Technical Lead

  • Ninsiima Rabecca

    Community Engagement Lead

  • Josué kyangwi

    ML Lead

  • atuhaire Marybrea

    IOT Lead

  • Jakisa Innocent

    ISBAT University Kampala

    Marketing and Communication Lead

  • Turyamubona jackson

    Design Lead

  • Zacharie Masimango

    Game Developer Lead

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