DSC EPI, Machine Learning Track 2020 (Second Session)

ML track

Oct 18, 2020, 7:00 – 9:00 PM



Key Themes

Machine Learning

About this event

DSC EPI CHAPTER announce its second track for this year !

If you are interested to know about Machine Learning this one is for you !

Familiarize yourself with AI and Machine learning !

Practice and expand your knowledge and skills as a fully formed developper !

DSC EPI chapter is here to give the chance !

This session is assisted by Ms Yara Elkady DSC Lead at MUST , Egypt: Sunday 18th October at 8.p.m.(Tunisia Time Zone)

Main Topics:

*Baseline: Data ,ML ,AI

*Intro to ML : Language processing

*BigQuery for Machine learning

*Intermediate ML : TensorFlow on GCP

*Machine Learnings APIs

On behalf of DSC EPI TEAM and OUR Guests we look forward to having you attend OUR online session !

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FB event : https://fb.me/e/38dZypptD

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  • Yara Elkady


    DSC MUST Lead


  • Aya Mehry

    GDSC Lead

  • Hadhemi Chouchene

    Lead Communication department

  • chaima guirat

    Lead Design department

  • meksi minyar

    Core Team Member

  • Mazen Hadj Ali

    Core Team Member

  • Mohamed Adem Bel Hadj Amor


    computer science student

  • Amira Choubani

    Core Team Member

  • Louay Medeni

    Core Team Member

  • Sarah Abdelli

    Core Team Member

  • Jelliti Marwan


    Core Team Member

  • chouaieb amira

    Core Team Member

  • Aziz Sayadi

    Core Team Member

  • Meddeb Wessim

    Core Team Member

  • Rached Alaya

    Faculty Advisor

  • Hadil Khedher

    Core Team Member

  • Zaynab Rouis

    Core Team Member

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