Model Viewer

Model Viewer is an open source web component developed by Google. Model Viewer aims at putting 3D content on the web easily with a few lines of HTML code which enables users to view 3D in the browser and mobile devices.

Mar 20, 2022, 1:00 – 1:45 PM



Key Themes


About this event

Take away from this event :

  1. Short Intro of Model-Viewer
  2. How to put 3D content on the web with model-viewer.
  3. How to test your 3d model is supported by model-viewer.
  4. How to view it as Augmented reality.
  5. Play 3D animations with model-viewer in browser.
  6. Scene Graph
  7. QnA


  • Abdulmalik Mohamed Hadi Habaebi

    GDSC Lead

  • Nur Fatihah binti Abdullah

    Google Student Developer Club IIUM

    Co Lead

  • Elyas Asmad

    Krypton Technologies

    Mobile Applications Development Lead

  • Ainul Mardhiah

    Mobile Applications Development Co Lead

  • Fikri Hisham-muddin


    Web Development Lead

  • Ibrahim Badr

    Web Development Co Lead

  • Ghozi Fikri Robbani

    Cybersecurity Lead

  • Md Jobayer Al Hasan

    Marketing Lead

  • Miraz Imtenan

    Marketing Co Lead

  • Mohammed Ismail Chowdhury Sohan

    Marketing Core Team

  • Luqman Malik

    UI/UX Lead

  • Nabilah Hakim

    UI/UX Co Lead

  • Tengku Abduh

    Communication Lead

  • Hidayah Zainuddin

    Entrepreneurship Lead

  • aiyani shafudin

    Entrepreneurship Core Team

  • nazihah shafudin

    Entrepreneurship Core Team

  • Suraya Aini

    ML/AI Lead

  • Imtiyaz Suhaimi

    ML/AI Co Lead

  • Aiman Johari

    ML/AI Core Team

  • Naufal Taib Iskandar

    Multimedia Lead

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