Tech Talks with GDSC I²IT - Cyber Security Edition

In this edition with Tech Talks with GDSC I²IT, we have invited over Guncha Malik for a short conversation on the various trends in the field of cybersecurity. Her expertise in this field will inspire students to get started in this field and get an insight into the various opportunities waiting for them.

About this event

October being the month of Cybersecurity Awareness, GDSC I²IT presents:

Tech Talks with GDSC I²IT: Cybersecurity edition with Guncha Malik

Guncha Malik is a Compliance Architect @IBM and is cybers security expert with experience of over 21 years, working with different renowned corporations in major impactful roles. She is also a passionate advocate for the field of Quantum Computing, AI ethics, and she aims to work in order to spread awareness in the community on staying safe in this digitally connected world.

In this event, we will be having a conversation with Guncha Ma’am about the fundamentals and various trends in this field, ways we can skill up and we will also try to get an insight into her experiences over the years working in the industry.

Date - 29th October 2021

Timings - 4pm - 5pm

Platform - Google Meet | Youtube Live